The Anafartalar War Museum

The best private museum on the Gallipoli Peninsula

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The Anafartalar (Suvla) War Museum

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This museum is dedicated to the memory of the soldiers of all sides who served, and so often died, during the Gallipoli Campaign. However, while displaying relics, original documents and artwork relating to all three main sectors of the campaign, its special focus is on the Suvla front, scene of the British landings in August, and the north of the Anzac sector.

The museum’s collection includes original weapons, equipment, uniforms, maps, insignia, documents, photographs and images from the campaign, as well as personal belongings of the men who fought on the peninsula. All exhibits are accompanied by detailed information in Turkish and English.

The museum is the lifework of Ozay Gündoğan, whose family has lived in the village of Büyük Anafarta for generations. Like many locals, Özay had a number of relatives who served in the Turkish army during the Gallipoli Campaign. Many of the relics on display have been found on land owned by the Gündoğan family near Laba Baba, Hill 60, the W Hills and below Chunuk Bair.


With the closing of the state-operated museum at Kabatepe in September 2010, the Anafartalar War Museum is the closest museum to both the Anzac and Suvla sectors, and is easily accessed from either region.